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me arriving at the gates of hell

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I found this hilarious.

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“I don’t really believe in cars, but I drive one every day and I love that it gets me places and makes life so much easier and faster and I don’t know what I would do without it.”

Amy Poehler, being a genius about women who don’t believe in feminism. (via meredithhaggerty)

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still relevant

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I think this video proves beyond doubt that my school is fucking beautiful, look at that campus, as well as filled with incredibly good looking and talented people who also have killer dance moves.

Nothing like some #mcgillhappy to cheer you up in the middle of a late night cramming session. That might be just me, but this never fails to make me smile.


Tig is my queen

I fucking love this joke

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BLU has been killing it recently with these incredible murals commenting on our contemporary world and it’s chaotic nature. 

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My 5-year-old insists that Bilbo Baggins is a girl.

The first time she made this claim, I protested. Part of the fun of reading to your kids, after all, is in sharing the stories you loved as a child. And in the story I knew, Bilbo was a boy. A boy hobbit. (Whatever that entails.)

But my daughter was determined. She liked the story pretty well so far, but Bilbo was definitely a girl. So would I please start reading the book the right way? I hesitated. I imagined Tolkien spinning in his grave. I imagined mean letters from his testy estate. I imagined the story getting as lost in gender distinctions as dwarves in the Mirkwood.

Then I thought: What the hell, it’s just a pronoun. My daughter wants Bilbo to be a girl, so a girl she will be. And you know what? The switch was easy. Bilbo, it turns out, makes a terrific heroine. She’s tough, resourceful, humble, funny, and uses her wits to make off with a spectacular piece of jewelry. Perhaps most importantly, she never makes an issue of her gender—and neither does anyone else.

Bilbo Baggins is a girl: Until children’s books catch up to our daughters, rewrite them. (via daxsymbiont)

I’ll reblog this for forever

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