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How to Get 10% Off Your Order at Not a Burger Stand in Burbank, CA

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I would eat there every day

"Shut up, Wesley!" should be worth much more than 5%! :)

(sorry, wilwheaton, ;) )  

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Harry Potter text posts

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Neil Gaiman’s 8 Rules of Writing, a remake of this post. Source.

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les misérables + text posts

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you probably heard we ain’t in the prisoner-takin’ business; we in the killin’ Nazi business. And cousin, business is a-boomin’.

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Thirteen Observations made by Lemony Snicket while watching Occupy Wall Street from a Discreet Distance

1. If you work hard, and become successful, it does not necessarily mean you are successful because you worked hard, just as if you are tall with long hair it doesn’t…

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the kid on the bottom right knows whats up. 

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“Because alcohol tastes better than tears.”

Six Word Story (via icekq)

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